Would you like to feel more centred in the midst of changing emotions, sleep deprivation, and often simultaneous feelings of helplessness and pure joy? Post-Natal hypno-yoga can help you positively adapt to your changing role, strengthen your pelvic floor and tone your tummy muscles. You deserve time-out too.

First Session

Your first session is an hour and a half long. We’ll spend the first half hour getting to know one another. I’ll ask you some questions to enable me to tailor the session and any further sessions you choose to have towards your individual needs and preferences. Then I’ll explain how the brain works and how I can help you feel more centred. You’ll also be given a free 20 minute relaxation track to listen to before you go to sleep.

This is then followed by an hour of post-natal hypno-yoga, which includes a post-natal yoga practice (no previous experience required), followed by hypnotic trance whilst relaxing in Savasana (corpse pose). Hypnotic Trance is a focussed state of the mind and is completely normal – we go into trance all the time. You don’t have to do anything during trance but relax and listen to my voice. I’ll be talking to you throughout the whole time and you’ll have a few minutes at the end of quiet relaxation to give you a chance to process anything that may have come up for you in the session.



Sessions take place at my studio in Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex. Parking is available on the drive.

What to bring

You may wish to bring something warm like a jumper and socks for the hypnotic trance part of the session. A blanket is provided. You don’t need to bring a yoga mat or props unless you would prefer to use your own.


Your first session is £55 for 1hr 30min. Following sessions are £55 for 1hr or you can purchase a pack of three sessions for a discounted total rate of £150.